Storytelling With Art?

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BRONXVILLE, New York: Storytelling plays an extraordinary role in communicating positive values by using imagination and fantasy to convey a message. Yet ask any parent, and you will find that they believe there is a lack of creative role models for children, particularly young girls. And there are too few stories today that convey the most basic lessons of life.

The Painting Ballerina, written and illustrated by Gloria M. Buono, is an engaging story that teaches the importance of the simpler things in life and encourages young girls to pursue their dreams in a most unique way. From the opening chapter's flower garden to the ending chapter's bright moon, the enthusiasm of Katrina, a pretty and artistic thirteen-year-old, leads to a magical and entertaining experience in artistic expression. She meets new animal friends, sacrifices a special birthday gift and creates a new art form, paint dancing! All this in her own backyard.

Gloria M. Buono, the author and illustrator, has always read stories to children. Three things inspired her to write this story: 1) viewing a 1961 academy award winning motion picture, The Day of the Painter, produced by the late Ezra R. Baker; 2) visits to MOMA (Museum of Modern Art) in New York City; and 3) watching street dancers in Manhattan. Buono spent over 15 years as a marketing professional in the magazine publishing industry. She is a marketing consultant and has also been a substitute teacher in the Yonkers, NY school system.

BRONXVILLE, New York:AabaGlo Media, publisher of "The Painting Ballerina," has launched a new Internet site, will be the flagship site for future book releases by AabaGlo Media. The Painting Ballerina is also available on and Barnes &

In only a few months off the presses, "The Painting Ballerina" has received testimonials from the likes of award winning authors, an award-winning artist, a celebrity actress, an elementary school librarian, etc. Features on currently include some of these testimonials/reviews, press releases, biography of the author, dealer information, and an online order form. There is also a feature to include reviews/comments online.