Storytelling With Art?


Truly an inspiring story, THE PAINTING BALLERINA is exciting and easy to read for girls ages 8 - 12. The story follows 12-year-old Katrina through an adventure of self-learning and self discovery when she finds she has many hidden talents, how to use them wisely and how to accept responsibility for her mistakes. The very entertaining and magical tale will lead readers through the process of expressing creative ideas, and help children develop an apreciation for the simpler things in life. While the book is well written, interesting and teaches valuable lessons, the author fails to stress the importance of remaining honest with ones parent, leaving this reader somewhat questioning it as a suitable gift for a child without some parental guidance. --Cheryl Hurst, Reviewer, FERDINAND NEWS AND SPENCER COUNTY LEADER, November 21, 2001

...It is fast-paced and will hold the reader's intrest. --THE RINGLING EAGLE, Ringling, OK

...A perfect gift book. --THE AD-DELITE, Strum, WI

Secret talking animals and a strong desire to dance make this a magical summer for Katrina. Arriving at her family's little house by the sea for summer vacation, Katrina settles in for just another typical day. She decides to eat her lunch down by the beach, but this was not to be an average afternoon. There she makes friends with some very unusual animals and discovers a talent she never knew she had--paint dancing. She twirls, slides and leaps across the canvas to create her own unusual design, but will the people at the village market find her paintings of any value? This is an amusing little chapter book that allows imaginations to run wild! 1999, AabaGlo Media, Ages 9 to 13, $12.95. --Sharon Tolle, Reviewer, CHILDRENS LITERATURE

Curious children need curious books filled with creativeness and joyfulness. This is a great gift for the child who knows the impossible is totally probable. Buono has written a cheerful story about a new art form, and she's populated the story with captivating animals and one enchanting girl, Katrina...The vivid drawings and the living words in this book shine as they creatively illuminate a world of endless possibility. --THE BOOK READER

In her first attempt, Gloria Buono delivers an entertaining look into the life of a thirteen-year-old dancer named Katrina. The book is easy to read with wonderful illustrations that are sure to please everyone. Through interactions with family and friends, Buono creates a likeable character that is easy to relate. Children will enjoy this book as they see themselves in Katrina, while parents will enjoy this book because of the essential life lessons delivered in here. THE PAINTING BALLERINA follows a thirteen-year-old girl who discovers friendship, responsibility and paint-dancing during a summer vacation. With the help of two animal friends, Katrina proves that anything is possible if you have the right attitude. This tale encourages creativity and unselfishness and comes highly recommended. --F.M.C., RAPPORT Magazine

At a time when so many children, adults too, need inspiration and values, along comes a delightful, illustrated tale that supplies both. The heroine, Katrina learns life lessons by extending herself and her creativity to new friends she meets during a day in the country. And is rewarded for her openness and friendship by self-discoveries within herself. By stretching herself to offer friendship to creatures unlike herself, in this case, both a rabbit and a duck -- Katrina discovers a talent for friendship she might otherwise never known that she possessed, and also discovers, and accepts as her gift to the world -- a new form of self-expression -- paint-dancing. What a charming, outgoing and loving imagination has Gloria Buono. Any child would be fortunate to receive THE PAINTING BALLERINA as a gift of love. --Arthur Cerf Mayer, President, Just Creative, Inc.

No school, library, parent, teacher or art lover should be without a copy of THE PAINTING BALLERINA by Gloria M. Buono. I pass a paint store each day on my way to work and now see the cans of paint inviting Katrina to dance. This book teaches positive values without preaching, and will delight children of all ages. The wording alone conveys the colors throughout: "Wheat-colored waves... Butter-soft leather shoes...etc." Katrina's creativity extends to giving her animal friends new names, and getting a taste of foreign languages from a pilot art dealer. Those children who had Buono as a substitute teacher in the Yonkers school system are indeed lucky. How many of them have joined Katrina as she pivots and glides into their hearts. -- Janet Riesen, International award-winning author "Cecil, the Nearsighted Dragon"

THE PAINTING BALLERINA tells a delightful tale that combines the fantasies of a young teenage girl with her talent and ingenuity to solve a dilemma. -- Connie Sellecca, Actress & Mother of Two

THE PAINTING BALLERINA is a surprise teaching story. It opens the mind to new possibilities and ways to be creative. It is a fresh approach to self expression and the arts. -- Jody Bergsma, Award-winning artist "Sky Castle"

THE PAINTING BALLERINA is a beautifully crafted book and a vividly told story of friendship and discovery that will excite the imagination of the young reader. -- Althea Horner, Ph.D. and author "Chrysalis"

THE PAINTING BALLERINA is a delightful children's story about a talented young dancer with a love of nature. In a combination of adventure and fantasy, Katrina finds two unusual friends who help her replace lost money and discover additional talents, the ability to understand foreign languages and to create unusual paintings. It is full of the author's charming drawings. -- Marci Stillerman, Award-winning author "Nine Spoons"

I enjoyed it so much and thought every child should read this. -- Marianne S. Prinkey, Chairman National Dance Week '99 c/o Star-Styled, Inc.

This is a very, very, sweet book. There's a lot of life reference in there. -- Andrea Nierenberg, Motivational Expert, The Nierenberg Group

THE PAINTING BALERINA is a beautifully told story about a talented young girl who discovers the real meaning of friendship. This is a wonderful story full of adventure which incorporates art, music, and dance. Children and adults will love reading about Katrina's adventure. --Ann Bova, Librarian

A book that's fun to read! A girl, a duck, and a rabbit meet under unuqie circumstances and share experiences that bond them together as true friends. THE PAINTING BALLERINA tells a story that holds your interest and leaves you feeling happy. --A reader from THE FAIRFAX GROUP, NYC

THE PAINTING BALERINA combines humor with fantasy with dreams coming true. An animator shuld pick up this book. It's perfect for a short children's film. --A reader from Los Angeles, CA

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